Puppies & Children

Whether the new addition to your family is of the canine kind or the human kind, successful parenting is the key.

Reward good behaviour always, engage in communication, discipline when necessary, be aware of body language from your dog, no puffed up chest, no flagging tail, adopt a calm approach.

Both children and puppies need the right balance of training, after all, a well-adjusted child is a pleasure, as is, a well-trained puppy.

If you have an enthusiastic attitude, your pup will want to learn.
Do you remember a dull boring teacher at Uni or School? How hard was it to be motivated to learn?
Puppies are no different. A monotone owner that acts like he doesn’t have a pulse can put his puppy to sleep!

Puppies are great teachers of patience and consistency.
Don’t leave anything around you don’t want to be chewed.
Don’t walk through the house barefoot, until he is fully toilet trained!

Children running through the house with high pitch voice tones become pray to a young puppy. He may respond by jumping or nipping the child, especially if the child insists on teasing the puppy or wanting to pick him up.

Participate with your children and your puppy, teach and supervise them with the daily training schedule of basic commands, as this first stage of development will have him on the right paw.

Ongoing training [ our next level of training is a 6 week Basic Obedience Course] will see him become a well-balanced dog.

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