Toileting In The Rain

It’s raining, you’re standing on your verandah, attempting to convince your dog to toilet in the rain!

Is there any other adversary, then a dog that dislikes toileting in the rain or on wet dewy grass?

Don’t think for a moment, upon opening the door, he’ll walk onto the wet grass and take care of business!

First off you need one word for ‘toileting’. All family members need to be vigilant and reward the dog when he toilets, this reinforces good behaviours. Boring, monotone voice tones will not be welcomed by your dog. Get excited, about your dog toileting in the right location, in the rain.

What to do…..Pop him on the lead, Grab your umbrella, move outside with him onto the grass or your toilet spot, continue walking around, he will enjoy the companionship. Continue saying your toilet word. Share your umbrella, if you feel it necessary.

Don’t be thinking

  •  hurry up
  • you’re going to be late for work
  • I’m getting soaked, instead, mentally connect with your dog………will him, to the toilet.

Be mindful, if you haven’t desensitised your dog with opening an umbrella, he could freak out!

Winter is a great opportunity to desensitise your dog to wet paws, with dew on the ground.

  • Put the lead on and walk him around on the dewey grass ( walking stimulates elimination). If you don’t put the lead on, he has the opportunity to slip back inside (and find the warmest, driest, softest piece of carpet!), and deliver!


  • Hose your grass, pop the lead on and walk your dog across the wet grass.
  • If your furry friend is a food fanatic, place his food bowl on the wet grass.
  • Create positive associations, with wet grass, rain or dew.
  • Expose him to water with a clamshell.
  • When summer rolls around, put the sprinkler on, roll a toy near or under the sprinkler, get excited when he goes to retrieve the toy.
  • Wait until he really needs to go, the urge to toilet just may override the stress of wet grass and rain.
  • Lack of exposure as a young puppy, in all weather conditions, is generally the reason dogs don’t like toileting, on wet grass.

When the grass is wet, due to rain or dew, we tend to go into overdrive, especially with a new puppy, almost convincing him, to adopt negative thoughts on ‘toileting on wet terrain.

Our level of frustration can send a clear signal to our dogs, who will quickly learn, wet grass and rain are negative.

Reward every small step, with a pat, a play session or a treat.

When he begins to toilet, slowly reward with an appreciative voice tone.
He’ll associate wet grass with fun, nothing to be concerned about.

Towel your dog off when he comes back inside and offer a tasty treat.


You can condition your dog to love wet grass!

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